Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eudermine Hotel, the skin hotel.

This is my environmental design 3 project.

The topic of this term is a co-branded boutique hotel located in an existing building in central Los Angeles.
Brands given to choose from are middle-range to high-end brands in health/cosmetic, sport, and fashion, such as Shiseido, Clinique, Puma, Adidas, and Alexander McQueen.

Among these brands, I choose Eudermine, a line of Shiseido product, as my target to create the
brand new hotel experience.

(these images come from my presentation slideshow... click to enlarge  :D)

Eudermine Hotel is a boutique hotel co-branded with Shiseido Company's Eudermine.

Eudermine is the oldest cosmetic line of the Sheseido Company. It is a facial lotion developed to help the Japanese women from lead poisoning causing by the traditional facial powder made with white lead.

The name Eudermine comes from two Greek word roots, EU meaning good, and DERMA meaning skin.
The name reflects the philosophy of the Sheseido company -- beauty comes from healthy skin.

Eudermine Hotel uses the skin as the main and fundamental element to create the whole Eudermine experience.

I wanted to focus on 3 function of the skin in 3 parts of this experience.

First of all, connection.

The facade keeps the wall and structure from the original building. New glass structure from the rooms and the retail spaces are build on the old structure. The new “skin” grows out from the old “skin” simbolizing the rejuvenating quality of the product.

And division for the public space.

The entrance of the hotel, lounge and dining area are located on the more busy and public ground floor. As customers arrive the second floor, they are cover and protected by the “skin,” which gives them more intimate feeling. They can check-in and enjoy massage at this floor. Part of the “skin” also transforms to control the flow of people and sunlight to change the mood of the space.

And finally the room, protection.

The room provides complete open experience to the outside world. However, theres also a layer of glass protecting the people inside, just like people’s skin protecting internal components and structures of the body.

And the picture for the model.

More pictures coming soon :D

My presentation board... click to enlarge.

Disclaimer: This is a student project and does not reflect the views of Shiseido Company.

Ahhhhhhhhhh... summer break XD

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