Thursday, December 23, 2010

Linkin Park Synectics.

Linkin Park Synectics.

This is my environmental design 4 studio project.
Again, for this term, we are designing exhibition spaces.

Synectics is a traveling experience that heightens the connection between the unorthodox, yet truthful sound of the genre-inventing band, Linkin Park and its passionate fan base.

The journey starts with the very first noise being made. The band break free of the expectations and existing barriers to explore and create the uniquely distinctive sound that composes a brand new experience. With the messages from their impactive lyrics and music videos, and the astonishing visual effect at the live performances. Even though every change and new stuff sounds so different, you know that sound is Linkin Park.

Let me give you a brief intro to Linkin Park.

Linkin Park is a band from Agoura Hills, California.
The band blended different styles of music into one brand new sound that is never been heard before. Their music style combine the alternative metal, nu metal, and rap rock sound with in uences and elements from hip-hop, alternative rock, and electronica, utilizing programming and synthesizers.

In their newest album, A Thousand Suns, they break free of the traditional song and album structure to explore and create the uniquely distinctive sound that composes a brand new experience. For example they released a track that is 47 minutes long, which includes all the songs in the album from start to end, to give the listeners a complete experience of the album, A Thousand Suns.

They also have a extreme strong connection with their fans. Besides numerous active unofficial fan sites,  the band operates its own official fan club named Linkin Park Underground (aka LPU). LPU members are invited to many exclusive activities such as meet-and-greet events, performances, and video shooting for the song Faint.

Before the release of their first single The Catalyst form A Thousand Suns, the band also lunches a "pre-mix" contest, inviting fans to remix their new single. The winner of the contest is also invited to work on and featured on their new album.

Since most of the fan communities are online now. Synectics can provide a great opportunity for fans to meet each other and the band members, obtain an understanding of band's philosophy in creating music, and receive exclusive materials from the band.

And the demographic will be focused on

their fans and people who know Linkin Park via different media other than their music (side projects, movies, arts......etc.) to get a better understanding of the band.

Detailed calendar.
The time for Synectics will be two days before Linkin Park concerts in major cities and the nights after the concerts. Participants will be transported to the location, which will be warehouses near the concert locations.

Synectics location with signage on the loading dock doors.
Participants will enter the warehouse via the loading dock and into the Synectics structure.
Fans will experience the fallowing program in Synectics:
Graphics will be projected onto people walking into Synectics.
Fans drawings being projected onto the ceiling plane.
Videos and other fan works also projected to the ceiling plane and meshes.

The whole structure for Synectics will be made out of aluminum tube with plastic panels on either sides of the structure.

Fallowing are some of my computer renderings of Synectics.
View of Synectics from above.
From the side, blue projection is the video element, white projection is the fan art, and red projection, mixing station.
View of fan art projection and mixing station.
View of the stage.
Synectics provides 3 sitting planes for people to sit and facing different directions. Also stools providing more versatile sitting arrangement.

Synectics also provides application for smart phones and websites. People can gain information and updates from their phones and computers. Fans attending the event can also update their works via the website to the server before the event so they can show them in Synectics.

Before the event, participants will receive a lanyard with their ID and a small USB drive via mail.
They will wear the lanyard to the concert and use the ID card to enter Synectics, and the USB drive to store the exclusive track from the event, and their mixing works in Synectics.
Also card people ge when they enter Synectics. It has the schedule for the n
Presentation setup.

Mighty iDevices.

And that's pretty much it......
Happy 4th term and Linkin Park   \m/

Trying to upload the presentation as a video...

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This is a student project and does not reflect the views of  Linkin Park, Warner Bros. Records, and Machine Shop Recordings.

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