Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Environmental Design Midterm Presentation

Eudermine Hotel Midterm Presentation

The site for the project is in LA, walking distance to all the LA entertainment including LA Live and Staple Center.
The footprint of the building is 100 ft by 157 ft. We use 3500 sq ft of the first floor for the public spaces, such as lobby, dining area.

Eudermine is the first cosmetic product of Shiseido Company .Its name reflected the philosophy of the company, which is that the woman’s beauty comes from healthy skin.

The product in its newest bottle design, released in 2007.

Eudermine Hotel is a boutique hotel co-branded with the oldest line of the Shiseido Company, Eudermine.
Taking the brand’s philosophy, Eudermine Hotel uses the skin as the main and fundamental element to create the whole Eudermine experience.

The red element coming down from the ceiling, Skin, transform into different fixtures in the space, like space divider and counter.

Exploded view of the whole space.

The Skin in the dining area can be pull down to create more intiment dining spaces.

Like so. Hehe...

That's a brief intro to my project...
And now comes the presentation pictures!!
By the way the teacher allows us to use digital presentation (slides) instead of printed boards
to save money...Haha...poor students...

So there's no boards.
only slideshow.

Feedbacks from the presentation:

Create more function with the Skin like the dining area transformation.
Texture of the Skin.
More development on experience in each individual spaces.

Well... after all, very satisfied with the amount of the feed back and possible directions.
Keep on developing on the public area after midterm, and start on the room design!

That's about it... internet here is awful... wishing for the internet at my house can be fixed soooooooon!

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